The Precipice of Yesterday & Tomorrow

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The Precipice of Yesterday & Tomorrow

So, this is it. We are standing at the precipice of yesterday and tomorrow, staring out into the horizon. I wonder what each of us sees in the glare of the sunlight. Not that it would change how I feel. I’m all set to careen off the cliff in a box cart with feather duster chicken feathered wings duct taped to the sides.

If I say that the ride, so far, has been a rush it is an allusion to pace at which this adventure is unfurling. Barely 2 months after a chance meeting with my partners in crime, and a proposition that none of us could refuse, we leave on an existential call of duty.

It is comforting that we have met with others who are able to identify with the spirit of our project, especially Kebun Villas at Lombok and Columbia, the sports apparel brand. Both of which were generous with a appreciable amount of support. There is a mountain (or at least a modest gunung size) of preparations to be made by the end of the week. A disconcerting nag at the back of my mind discredits the to-do, to-call and to-bring lists that we have come up with but I am sure I have packed that extra roll of duct tape and safety pins – the panecea to every trial of MacGuyver-esque proportions but, I do have to make a mental note to retrieve my passport from my parent’s place. I also need to stretch more and go for a few running sessions. I hope adrenaline will make up for a year of indolence.

On their ends, my travel mates are buzzing about their tasks, stringing together networks. The buzz is certainly infectious, and if not in deed, it definitely has my spirits stirred.



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