About Andrew


Andrew’s career began through a leap of faith, and he is thoroughly enjoying the road less travelled. He pursued a BA in Film & Theatre, Western Australia, acting & directing before coming home to Singapore. This journey has brought him to some of the most beautiful places on earth, but he somehow always finds his way home to share his love for the arts on and off stage and screen.

A thrill-seeker at heart and a challenge-junkie, he has certainly encountered more than his fair share of excitement!

He was introduced to aerial artistry when he was flown around the Singapore National Stadium – complete with pyrotechnics coming out of his ankles! – as the official mascot for the 2015 SEA Games, picked up B-boying and the saxophone in 2 weeks for a musical performance, and even learnt Korean just to sing “Gangnam Style” for Esplanade’s 10th anniversary. Andrew’s gung-ho, will-try-anything-to-tell-great-story-afterwards attitude has served him well, & he looks forward to embracing the exciting unknown in this new adventure.

When he is not drinking Nescafé or searching for wifi (link to ads), Andrew is also busy creating and offering creative solutions to schools and businesses. He conducts corporate training, directs commercial and corporate productions, and is generally the guy you go to when you want to turn your vision into reality.