About Jeremy


Jeremy is somewhat of a split personality, having first started out as a writer, then discovering photography and then adding videography and 360 video production to the list of his interests, but whilst having spent 11 years as a financial controller. An avid seeker of experiences, connections and truth, his search has brought him to uncommon places and situations.

Since casting aside his account’s garb, he has written for a number of clients such as Intercontinental Hotels Group, Singapore Management University and Weekender, amongst other publications. His photography has been featured in the finals of the annual Alliance Francaise photography competition 2015, and having lost out to shots of tau gay, he is waiting for a rematch in 2016.

Seeking new dimensions to better describe his travels, he has been honing his discography skills with projects to accompany his articles on Asia361 and through collaborations on commercial projects.

On a mission to make every day count, Trippin’ Creatives is his raison d’etre. Otherwise, he can be found reminding himself that ” if you don’t question why you  are putting yourself through hell just once during a trip, it isn’t an adventure” in a corner of the earth.